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Kayak to Nordkapp – 25.000 km on Sea

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Follow me on Facebook, like and share the official page of the voyage, and post a supporting comment from time to time! This always feels especially good and reminds me that the effort is worth the pain.

Share with your friends the fundraising campaign page on Indiegogo too; this will help in replacing my damaged sea-kayak.

 Personal gift

Would you like a personal token of my gratitude as memoir from my trip? Choose a picture from the gallery, send a mail, and I’ll send back a dedicated picture in printable resolution format. Just send a donation.


In the hope that you consider my goal and efforts worthy of support, I’d much appreciate your help: every donation gets me closer to achieving the set goal.

You can send money by bank transfer or donate via PayPal.

Bank transfer:

OTP Bank Nyrt.  Budapest, 1051 Nádor Str. 16. Hungary

IBAN: HU44  1177  3030  0048  4482  0000  0000







If you have unused or in good shape kayaking gear – you know: sports clothing, camping equipment, technology – that you don’t need any more, please let me know on e-mail.

You have no idea how many little things do end up helping a great deal!

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